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August 12 of 12

My son Joey playing along with Blue's Clues

My husband, Greg, and his friend, Josh, at a birthday
party that our respective children attended

Me, Joey, and Ian at the birthday party

Mommy, stop checking your email and 
pay attention to me or else!

What we watched tonight:   Band of Brothers

Joey rockin' out while watching a video on 
VH-1...Meatloaf, I think

Bathtime Art with Joey

My very grown-up fourth grader, Ian, prefers showers now

Ian, aka Mouse, feeding his hamster, Sweetie Pie

Nite nite Joey

Nite nite Mouse

Nite nite JoAnne

The theme for August's bonus pic is homage:

Ian's homage to Band of Brothers.
He's been fighting WW II all week.
Thanks to Chad Darnell for creating the monthly 12 of 12
See how people from around the world spent 
the 12th of August here.



Aug. 13th, 2006 06:35 am (UTC)
Great pics!
These are so cool! Love your little guys. Such great photos.

-Bon. (fellow 12-of-12er) http://spynotebook.org/bonnie